Principal’s Message

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidyamandir Osmanabad is a temple of learning where knowledge is revered. GURUJI says, “Every parent would like to have a child, whose personality shines wherever the child goes, It is the personality that is appreciated everywhere,
Such a pleasing personality is what is the main aim of education,” and of course. We believe in ‘VIDYA DADATI POORNATVAM’ which means education brings completeness. Our school is an epitome of knowledge center having a friendly environment where each child blossoms completely, full with academic excellence coupled with human values.

Also sports, yoga, coupled with breathing techniques (Pranayam) are a part of the daily activity conducted in school. All these together go into the making of a complete citizen, as said by GURUJI.

Mrs. Sadhana Bhosle

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir 679, Jadhavwadi
Road, Hatladevi CampusBarshi Road, Osmanabad-413501 Maharashtra, India

Board Line: 9422070100, 9021963898, 02472-222150